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Occupational Therapy (Tele Therapy)

What is Occupational Therapy (Tele Therapy)?
Occupational Therapy or OT is a therapy that aids in providing the needed assistance of all ages with sensory, cognitive, or physical concerns. This type of treatment is vital to enable them to get back on track where they regain control of doing everyday tasks all by themselves that may otherwise be too difficult to perform for them. Occupational Therapists play a significant role in diminishing the obstacles that may become an arduous struggle for physical and emotional needs. With the help of ¬productive exercises and the integration of Occupational Therapy, the client can firmly stand on his own feet.

How Occupational Therapy Can Be Helpful?

OT can be an excellent therapeutic solution for kids to benefit them in becoming better at performing daily activities, play, and expand their capabilities in terms of their education. It enables them to grasp objects and learn new things, including improved handwriting or any computer-related activities.

Their ability to perform basic school tasks and life skills such as dressing, bathing improve drastically. It opens a door for them to deal with their negative emotions such as anger and frustration through healthy coping mechanisms that further enhance their ability to take considerable control of their social skills and adopt positive behavior. We work ceaselessly to provide the necessary support and guidance to make them as independent as possible.

As for the adults, our occupational therapists give their best to develop treatment plans that can evaluate the individual’s overall health and progress. We stay focused on applying occupational therapy in ways that would allow the person to accomplish daily activities with improved cognitive and physical performance. We ensure that our valuable clients are able to reach the level that enables them to perform basic self-care activities such as grooming, eating, socializing, and simple life organization with confidence and ease

Core Focus:

  • Improve basic motor skills that can help in providing a better quality of life and ease in completing the daily activities
  • Exercises and activities that can strengthen muscles and improve the ability to balance their bodies, and enhance daily independence
  • Improve cognitive skills that could aid in problem-solving and enhancing the attention span to stay focused on the task necessary

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