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Nutrition Therapy (Tele Therapy)

What is Nutrition Therapy (Tele Therapy)?

Nutrition Therapy, otherwise known as Medical Nutrition Therapy (MNT), is a tremendous evidence-based nutrition therapy performed by a registered dietitian nutritionist (RDN). It helps treat medical conditions after conducting a thorough assessment followed by a nutritional diagnosis and the required treatment plan.

How Can Nutrition Therapy Bring A Healthy Change?

Health is a blessing, and it should be protected. However, life’s turmoil or other factors such as stress or depression can profoundly affect our diet and, in turn, our lifestyle. We never compromise on providing you the best diet support to support your chronic conditions or any health concerns.

Nutrition Therapy can be a great solution to some diseases, including diabetes, hypertension, or heart disease. You can embrace good health with a nutrition-rich diet.

At The Therapy Place, we provide you a nutrition plan tailored specifically in tandem with your medical conditions and health needs. Our nutrition therapy provides the necessary guidance so you can maneuver your way smoothly through the lifestyle changes. With an in-depth analysis, we evaluate everything beneficial for your physical and emotional needs. As long as your body is in excellent condition, you will feel strong and energetic mentally too.

We guide you with all the lifestyle and behavioral changes that can lead you to a long–term positive change. Our focus is to offer nutritional recommendations based on individualized nutrition needs. So you can experience a considerable, positive change.

Strengthen your mind, body, and soul with The Therapy Place.

Core Focus:

  • Detailed reviews of the overall lifestyle and eating habits to recommend a better nutritional plan.
  • In-depth assessment and evaluation of the current nutritional status.
  • Plans for the follow-up to strictly resolve the individual medical conditions and improve the overall health.
  • Prevent the occurrence of any other diseases.
  • Provide counseling to help the individual transition to a healthy diet plan.

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