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Family And Marriage Therapy (Tele Therapy)

What is Family And Marriage Therapy (Tele Therapy)?

At The Therapy Place, we provide family and marriage therapy sessions to couples, parents, and families via online platforms. As a part of treatment, we address the root of problems that cause behavior damages in family members and married couples. We work professionally and with care to improve behaviors, minimize overall relationship problems and community placement issues

Who We Serve?

At The Therapy Place, we serve couples, parents, and families who are facing psychological problems, which includes martial and couple conflict, parent and child conflict, drug abuse, alcohol, grief distress, sexual dysfunction, weight issues, eating disorders, children’s behavior problems, or having issues in handling parent’s or grandparent’s dementia.

Family and marriage therapy helps those who are dating, engaged, married, staying together for travel/work purposes, blood-related, and divorced. Moreover, it includes all from young children to senior citizens.

What Do We Offer?

At The Therapy Place, family and marriage therapy examines how an individual’s behavior affects both the individual and their relationship as part of a couple or family. Therefore, what we offer in this therapy is:
  • Incorporate more ‘real world’ practices through online platforms to integrate inclusive therapies to couples and family members.
  • Solution-focused results
  • Attainable therapeutic goals
  • Family/couple assessment and behavior diagnosis
  • Treatment plan with strategic techniques that fits best to the couple or a family
  • Address attachment, concerns, and insecurities for treatment

Core Focus Of The Therapy Session

Our family and marriage therapy session focuses on many shared goals that are important to make a relationship prosperous among couples and family members.

Our core attention areas are:

  • Improve communication between the couples and family members
  • Increase trust rate between family members and married couples
  • Set healthy boundaries for the whole household
  • Cope with mental illness or addiction
  • Ease the problematic issues or conversation topics
  • Strengthen the relationship bonds
  • Work through life changes
  • To make individuals happy in their relationships
  • Advance Tele-technology to communicate with the family members worldwide
  • Hands-on training and feedback
  • Monitoring of process through data collection
  • Works in a goal-oriented way, i.e., to achieve a proper outcome
  • Treatment plans
  • Spouse or family members will be trained by licensed staff who teach them model treatments to control behavior

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