Virtual Reality

Wearable technology, such as virtual reality glasses, is changing healthcare’s future to a great extent. That is why The Therapy Place uses digital technology to practice therapy sessions with clients.
We encourage experiential learning through the use of Virtual Reality. We show videos such as climbing stairs or crossing the street to teach children or people with autism.
We use virtual reality therapy as a mediating force to deliver a wonderful learning experience.

Tele (Online) Consultation

The Therapy Place facilitates real-time, two-way interaction between experts, patients, and families worldwide using teleconsultation technology.

We focus on providing consultation to a person from anywhere without going to a health center.

Our teleservice is integrated into the patient’s electronic health record, as it records and maintains consultation information and other opinions. This integrated technology allows our consultants to provide a range of services that include treatment planning, guidance, feedback, and therapy sessions.

Assistive technology

With assistive technology, The Therapy Place experts give disabled the ability to be independent. We facilitate them to perform and implement tasks that were otherwise impossible to do.

By combining therapy expertise and assistive technology, we provide complete independence for people with various physical, sensory, and cognitive disabilities.

We help hundreds of millions of disabled people break barriers. We help them efficiently perform their day-to-day task. We support them to fulfill their unique needs without hurdles and perform cognitive activities smoothly.