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What is Behavior Therapy (Tele Therapy)?
At The Therapy Place, we provide behavior therapy virtually to individuals who need behavior treatment. As a team, we specialize in delivering accurate evaluation and ongoing support to improve behaviors, reduce community deployment failures, and minimize the need for critical care.

Who We Serve?

At The Therapy Place, we serve individuals of three years or above who are diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder, Intellectual Disability, or other behavioral impairments.

However, the chief symptoms of behavior disorders are frequent anger and nervousness, blaming others, arguing and throwing tantrums, frustration issues, etc. We do behavioral counseling of such adults, children, or senior citizens in private/group sessions who show these behavioral symptoms.

What Do We Offer?

At The Therapy Place, we offer:
  • In-depth functional behavior assessment to determine the type of behavior disorder.
  • In-home behavioral modification training to children and adults
  • Office-based behavioral modification training to families who prefer a neutral therapy environment
  • Basic knowledge of behavioral principles, disorders, problems, and practical training to parents/caregivers.
  • Family counseling services to nurture changes and development in marriage and household.
  • Video conferencing on secure platforms while following HIPPA policy of private data control
  • Communicate through newly expanded apps such as WhatsApp, email, or text messages
  • Tele-consultation between experts, patients, and families worldwide

Core Focus Of The Therapy Session

Our behavior therapy session offers a wide range of unique services to potential individuals diagnosed with mental health challenges and developmental disabilities.

We Provide:

  • Assessment of behavior
  • Intervention strategies
  • Development of individualized behavior
  • Treatment plans
  • Parent or caregiver training by licensed staff who portray model treatments to control behavior in children and adults
  • Hands-on training and feedback
  • Monitoring of process through data collection
  • Advance technology to communicate with the clients worldwide

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